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Sarah M. awarded OFSAA Alumni Scholarship

Updated: May 12, 2023

A high level of physical skill as well as maturity, leadership and humility set Sarah apart for prestigious award.

Multi-sport student-athlete, Sarah M., was notified by telephone on June 6, 2018 that she won the prestigious OFSAA* Alumni Scholarship. “This is such a big honour for me,” exclaimed Sarah. “Sports is a huge part of my life.” Sarah demonstrated to the committee how her involvement in school sport enriched her education and personal development.

Redeemer’s athletics director, Mr. Laliberté, suggested Sarah apply for the scholarship. He noted in his letter of recommendation to the committee that Sarah has had an extremely positive impact on the school in athletics as well as socially and educationally. “She has always shown maturity, leadership and humility throughout her participation. Frequently acting as team captain, Sarah would always encourage teammates; she would never quit when things got hard and she would never blame others when things went wrong.”

When asked which sports she participated in, Sarah simply said, “I did them all.” In her letter to the committee, she reported that she successfully participated in six varsity level sports. Mr. Laliberté explained, “Sarah distinguished herself in volleyball and golf, having had the opportunity to go to OFSAA this past year in the latter event.” Sarah was nominated three times as the most valuable player (MVP) in volleyball and received the spirit award in golf. She was also named Redeemer’s 2018 female Athlete of the Year.

In addition to varsity sport, Sarah was involved in intramurals and other social events at the school. She served on student council each year of high school and as co-president this year, her senior year. “Sarah would take the time to speak to students from all grades to plan and execute a variety of student activities,” observed Mr. Laliberté. “Her desire to make school a positive experience for all students was evident.” To be this involved in school, Sarah had to have good time management skills. She recognized “the discipline which sports instills can be seen in my performance both on and off the playing field or court.”

Sarah is one of only two students in Ontario to receive this award and the first from Redeemer. She gives credit to her teacher and volunteer coaches, as well as her family for driving her to games and cheering her on. “High school has been a wonderful time of growing as a whole person,” expressed Sarah. “Enjoying the physical challenges, working through injuries, gaining new skills and building lifelong memories are all part of my journey. However, the greatest blessings of involvement in sports has been the camaraderie and friendships which I have grown within the community of athletes and coaches.”

Mr. Laliberté believed Sarah would be a good candidate for the OFSAA Alumni Scholarship to help her further achieve and grow. “Having had the privilege of teaching her, she has shown a character in class that is consistent with all other aspects of her life—hard working, bright, respectful, positive, and with a good sense of humour.”

Sarah knows she has been blessed with natural talent and circumstances to allow her to participate in sports and student life like she does. In her letter to the OFSAA committee, she quoted from the Bible, “‘to whom much is given, much is required.’ I believe that this covers many facets of life and I have been indeed given much and I strive to give much.”

* OFSAA – Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations



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