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Graduate Portfolios showcase best work

Updated: May 12, 2023

Students collect artifacts representing significant learning experiences to present at the end of Grade 12

Redeemer’s Graduate Profile is based on our motto “Devoted to Christ, Dedicated to Excellence, Committed to Serve”. This profile describes the ideal graduate of Redeemer Christian High School, as a constant reference for both aspiring graduates and for all of those that help make Redeemer what it is.

Graduate Portfolios and Interviews

Throughout their time at Redeemer, students collect items, one per course, representing significant learning experiences. These can include an interesting assignment, a top test, or a meaningful trip. At the end of each semester, as students select their favourite ‘artifacts’, they complete a brief journal entry for future reference. In Grade 12, students are led through a process of creating a portfolio of their top three ‘artifacts’ from their time at Redeemer.

To share these wonderful portfolios of student learning with a broader audience, Grade 12 students prepare a short presentation to be delivered in May of their graduating year. Presentations are made to a panel consisting of a teacher/administration, board member, and other community members. Parents are encouraged to observe if they are able. A ten-minute interview and discussion with the panel follows the presentation. Finally, students are given feedback and encouragement.

The goals of this process are to:

  1. Provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments and the development of their gifts in accordance with the Redeemer Graduate Profile.

  2. Provide parents and the broader Redeemer community a forum to celebrate how God has worked in the lives of students during their high school years at Redeemer Christian High School.

  3. Provide the school with feedback regarding its programs and the accomplishment of program goals.

Visit the Redeemer Christian High School Graduate Profile online to see the characteristics and habits of the ideal graduate.


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