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Grade 12 Portfolio Presentation Day

Updated: May 12, 2023

Principal Delean reflects on value of portfolio presentations and looks forward to a new tradition at Redeemer.

We had our first Grade 12 Portfolio Presentation Day on Thursday, May 30th. It was an opportunity for grade 12 students to make a presentation to a panel of community members and to be interviewed about their personal educational journeys. Students reflected on their accomplishments, learning experiences, and worldview formation. They presented three artifacts from their portfolios. This event was designed to create a forum to celebrate how God works in the lives of students. Students appreciated many things about the interview. They found it encouraging and meaningful. One student commented, “It was a chance to reflect on my high school experience.” Another student said, “I was comfortable to talk about the joys and struggles.” Many students felt blessed to pray with the interview panel and to have time to mutually share stories.

The community panelists also valued the day. One panelist commented, it was a “wonderful respectful process that lets students share their experiences, both good and bad in an open and honest conversational format.” Another panelist said, “I enjoyed seeing the students shine and it is a great opportunity for the students to practice an interview.”

The Grade 12 Portfolio Presentation Day is an expression of our mission statement to create a community of learning that challenges students to develop disciplined minds, hearts, and bodies according to the full measure of Jesus Christ. I am looking forward to this day becoming a tradition where we connect graduates, teachers, and community members in significant conversations about learning and life.


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