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4 ways students serve their community

Updated: May 12, 2023

Redeemer encourages students to develop new skills and explore their interests while serving others–an important component of living out their faith and education.

Redeemer students find fun, fruitful and fulfilling ways to serve their community. Some ideas are driven by Student Council, like our annual fall food drive for the Ottawa Food Bank and the Winter Survival Kits we donate to Ottawa Inner City Ministries each year.

Other serve projects are more homegrown and timely. Our Knitting Club was recently formed to upcycle unused wool material from previous art projects. Students gather at lunch to learn from each other how to knit and donate the articles they make, socks, hats, and scarves, to people in need in our community.

Sometimes a student is passionate about a cause and the school community rallies around them to encourage and support their efforts. Nora, a grade nine student, spent time in a neonatal intensive care unit and wants to give back. She has planned a number of events at school to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

In late January, Nora had a table in the foyer where students could drop by to learn more about her fundraising efforts and donate loonies and toonies. She raised $107.70 towards her goal of $3000. On February 2nd, she will sell baked goods during the lunch break. And, last but not least, Nora will show love to the children who use the CHEO by shaving off her hair on Valentine’s Day to help raise money for the CHEO Foundation.

We’re so proud of all our students and the many ways they support their community.


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