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Winterfest 2020

Updated: May 12, 2023

Student Council initiative starts new winter tradition?

Summerfest, a fun day on the last day of regular classes before June exams, is a longstanding Redeemer tradition. This winter, for the first time, we had Winterfest. Student Council members encouraged administration to allow students to let off a little steam before January exams. We had a great time during our extended lunch. We played ball hockey–a good ol’ Canadian pastime. We were thankful to our community liaison officer, Constable Troy, for the lights on the top of his patrol car which he would flash when a team scored.

We played “snoccer”.  Snoccer is soccer in the snow. We had hot chocolate to keep us warm and games inside for those who aren’t as winter hardy. A little friendly competition between grades during the human dogsled races were highly competitive. Too bad the Grade 10 sled rope broke, but it didn’t matter for the team running as they didn’t even realize their passengers were left behind until they turned the corner.

Students are busy the last few weeks of the term handing in essays and independent studies, finishing labs and projects and even writing in-class exams. Winterfest was an awesome way for them to relieve stress before starting to study for exams.


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