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Student Life

Get Involved | Learn Beyond the Classroom

Students are encouraged to take their education further by getting involved.

Redeemer’s clubs and extracurricular programs connect students to others who share their interests, whether their passion is sports, theatre, music, or just playing games with friends. There are opportunities to develop leadership skills and serve others.

Redeemer’s programs help students grow their skills and their faith while building friendships that last a lifetime.

There are a lot of great ways to get involved at Redeemer Christian High School.

Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Joining a club can help you make new friends, boost your extracurricular activity record, strengthen college/university applications, and help you learn new skills! The classroom isn’t the only learning environment in a school. The abilities you develop in clubs are essential skills that can apply to everyday life—extracurriculars help prepare students for life beyond high school.



Maker Space Club, Room 209


Newspaper Club, Room 214

Yearbook Club, Room 212


Bible Study (Alpha Youth), Room 206

Knitting & Crafting Club, Room 217


Small Engines Club, Room 109


Audio & Visual (A/V) Club, Room 103

Small Engines Club, Room 109

Trivia Club, Room 210


Monday and Thursday, Room 108

Tuesday and Friday, Room 108

Worship Team
As needed

Other Activities

Intramurals, Daily, Gymnasium

Homework Help, Daily, Room 218

Math Help, Daily, Room 205

Student Council

Most non-sport clubs and activities take place during lunchtime.

Math and tech help are also available during the lunch period.

Participating in sports is another great way to get involved. In addition to intramural sports daily at lunch, you can try out for the following competitive sports offered during the school year.



Cross Country
Grades 9-12, September and October

Grades 9-12, September and October
Grades 9-12, February to April


Grades 9-12 (juniors encouraged to come), September and November
Grades 9-12, September and October
Junior Basketball
Grades 9-10, November to February
Junior Volleyball
Grades 9-10, February to April


Grades 9-12, September to November
Senior Volleyball
Grades 11-12, November to February
Junior Volleyball
Grades 9-12, February to April
Grades 9-12, April and May

Note: sports are run based on interest and available resources

Committed to Serve

Serving others is an essential part of our program which students enjoy and are inspired by. Some of the activities they are involved include:

  • bringing in items for the Food Drive

  • creating winter survival kits for the homeless

  • sponsoring a child through World Vision

  • fundraising for Kwagala Ministries who run a boys home in Uganda

  • helping others in our community with yard work

  • cleaning up garbage in public spaces

  • visiting the elderly

  • connecting with our feeder schools in leading chapels

  • running sports tournaments for elementary students

  • encouraging others with prayer and acts of kindness 

  • volunteering at the Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast

  • preparing a summer camp for the season 

  • completing additional community service hours beyond the OSSD requirement

At Redeemer, students acquire the skills, knowledge, and character to participate in home, work, church, and society.  They serve their local and global neighbours, working towards peace, justice, and restoration.  They attend to their own well-being and care for God's creation. 

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